Tiger Woods Golf Swing Analysis: Driver Slow Motion

Below find Tiger Woods golf swing sequence analysis of the Youtube Nike slow motion commercial video. It is really just thousands of frame by frame pictures that allows us to vision and breakdown each part of his swing.

Tiger Woods golf swing stance, takeaway, backswing, downswing, impact position, and down the line follow-through has swing secrets to help you improve your golf swing.

These golf swing secrets include pain free power coil, consistency, club head speed and distance.

Use the analysis below to become familiar with how to swing a golf club like Tiger Woods. Also become familiar with books and DVDs made by Tiger and his swing coaches and others to learn how to slowly incorporate Tiger’s swing into your game.

Tiger Woods golf swing coaches throughout the years include his father Earl Woods, John Andrisani, Butch Harmon from 1993 to 2002, and Hank Haney from 2003 to 2010. All contributed to Tiger’s game in many different ways from grip, to chipping, to irons, to his driver swing.

That’s right; Tiger did not become great without great teachers and hard work. Many of the secrets to his greatness have been revealed in books and DVDs written and created by Tiger and his swing coaches, which I reference or note at the end of this article.

However, this article focuses specifically on Tiger Woods driver swing documented in the Nike slow motion video. The driver Tiger Woods golf swing you will see in the video and find analyzed is a result of driver swing changes done under the watch of Hank Haney. We will take a look at the takeaway, backswing, downswing, impact position, and follow-through of Tiger’s new golf swing for his driver.

Tiger Woods golf stance (driver): This link provides you with very detail analysis of the Tiger Woods stance seen in the slow motion video. However, let me fill you in with some things that are not as apparent from the video. Tiger has an upright stance with a slight bend in his knees and hips. Further, he often plays with a slightly open stance. The slightly open stance allows him several advantages. I will mention three here. First it allows him to see down the target line easier. Two other benefits are that it allows him to downswing on a circular plane and follow-through without getting his arms trapped.

Tiger Woods backswing and takeaway (driver): This link provides an analysis of Tiger Woods golf swing backswing and takeaway. First, however, let me tell you some preliminary things of note, not shown clearly by the swing angle in this slow motion video. On the takeaway, Tiger takes his swing slightly outside the target line. This is a natural result of his slightly open stance at address. By waist high he has brought the club back inside the line and on plane. From there he brings his club up to the top of backswing on plane. His club shaft is parallel to the target line at the top. Further, his shaft either points down the line or is slightly laid off for most of his swings with the driver.

Tiger Woods downswing (driver): This links provides the slow motion video analysis of Tiger Woods golf swing downswing. Among other things, explained is Tiger’s ability to hold his wrist hinge until late in the swing and the aggressive nature in which his right side moves towards the ball on his downswing. Watch his right knee, right elbow, and right heel on the downswing move forward. Also watch how the left leg braces to allow his right side to down swing so powerfully.

Tiger Woods impact position (driver): This link provides the slow motion video analysis of Tiger Woods golf swing impact position. While his impact position is explained in detail, I want to initial focus on two things. First note how left side is high than his right side at impact. The right knee, hip, elbow, forearm, shoulder and chest are all higher than their left counterpart. Further, note how his head stays back from the ball. These things, along with the fact that his right side was moving aggressively towards the ball, leads to the “Reverse C” position on the follow through so common to great golf swings.

Tiger Woods follow-through (driver): This link provides the slow motion video analysis of Tiger Woods golf swing follow through. Appreciate the flexibility it takes for Tiger to extend his arms down the target line, while maintaining vertical shoulders. Also, note how long his head is still before he it begins to move forward. His follow through gradually and smoothly slows down as he finishes balanced on his left side.

Golf Swing Fundamentals – Solid Body for Perfect Golf Swing

What is the most important in fundamentals of golf?
Of course, you need to learn the proper swing plane; however, if you do not have enough power to go through 18 holes, you would not be able to have a
good score.

Are you fit enough? I have seen many people started playing well and getting worse.

At first three holes, they swing like professional, then getting started having a few bad shots. The first nines ended up pretty average.

Is your score of back nines is always worse than front nines? If it is so, you are not fit enough to have game.

You don’t feel tired but your body is tired. Your body can not holding golf club properly and can not swing correctly. That is why you have miss shot.

Do you have back pain after playing golf? Or have you ever had injury from swinging golf club? It is because of your luck of flexibility.

You need goof foundation to play and enjoy golf. If you don’t make your body solid base of golf swing, it will be useless to learn more technique.

At first you need to make solid body in oder to have consistent swing entire round.

One of the top golf performance experts in U.S.A., Mike Pedersen is pointing out this matter.

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It’s Your Body That Will Improve Your Golf Game
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You do not need to spend hours at gym with exercise machine nor weights. You can workout at home.

I started working out with gym ball for three quarters of hour each day to build the fundamentals of golf swing. Working out with gym ball is easy.

I could not do much at the begin with but I could add one or two things when time went.

Try starting with duration which you can keep it up. The most important thing is continuing.You can not expect the result in a few days, I could not get any result for the first three months at all.

I was likely to give up so many times but I told myself that I did yesterday, if I don’t do today, it would be a waste of my time.

After three months, I got result and I started feeling the difference day by day.

To encourage yourself, I recommend you to get a big mirror which show your entire body. Check out your body everyday.It also helps to check working out and practice swinging correctly.

Here is the basic sample of working out with gym ball which I started with…check it out!

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